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The roots of Minell Ltd. go back to more than 30 years. It started its activity as the Quality Department of a technological assembly company, called Gyár- és Gépszerelő Vállalat (GYGV).

In Hungary we possess our seat in Százhalombatta. The company is managed by a managing director, a technical project manager and a head of premise. We employ 15 well qualified, mostly well experienced material testers. We can tell about ourselves proudly, without exaggeration, that we are at service for our clients as a completely independent testing organization, powered by more than 3 decades of practical experience.

MINELL Anyagvizsgáló és Minőségellenőrző Ltd. belongs to the Hungarian subsidiary of TÜV Rheinland Group in 100% since 16th July, 2013, called TÜV Rheinland Intercert Kft., but it is an independent legal entity.

Shortly about the owner:

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The German seated and internationally operating TÜV Rheinland Group is one of the oldest founded organization in Europe and in the World responsible for inspecting and certifying the quality and safety of products, systems and services.Its global network is present in 5 continents, in more than 62 countries, in 500 premises,and approximately 17,000 colleagues – highly qualified professionals – are providing services to their clients in more than 1,000 specialty. Our activity is based on independence and objectivity.

With more than 140 years of workmanship and experience the affiliates – also Minell Ltd. already – with purposeful work serve the case of quality, the technical development of science, technology, products and services and the safety of our clients and our environment. The blue triangle logo of the company group symbolizes the harmonious connection between man, technology and environment.

As the biggest inspector and certifier organization of the region we consider our duty to increase the competitiveness of enterprises on the global market. We possess the needed entitlements, accreditations and notifications to perform our work.

In legally regulated specialties, we are a notified body in Brussels and by the Hungarian state to carry out inspections according to EU directives, laws and regulations.

The services of TÜV Rheinland Group

Our services can be grouped in the following activities:

  • Technical inspection and supervision

  • Product certification

  • Personal certification

  • Providing technical expertise

  • System certification

  • Education, qualification

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