Applied test methods: 

  •  KLL2002 LR 102 400Radiographic testing (RT) using isotopes, X-ray or Computed Radiography (CR),

  • Magnetic particle testing (MT),

  • Liquid dye penetrant testing (PT),

  • Visual testing (VT),

  • Ultrasonic testing (UT),

  • Leak testing (LT),

  • Eddy current testing (ET),

  • Magnetic Flux Leakage testing (MFL),

  • Positive material identification (PMI),

  • Project Management,

  • Carrying out technical acceptance,

  • Preparation of test plans and test procedures,

  • Providing expertise,

  • Destructive testing, metallurgy,

  • Inspections with mobile laboratory car or transported containers at site or at radiography bunker at our premise.

Tested objects:

 KLL2092 LR 126 400

  • Objects of mechanic industry (RT, MT, PT, VT, UT, LT, ET, PMI),

  • Storage tank inspections (MT, PT, VT, UT, LT, MFL),

  • Testing of technological pipeline systems (RT, MT, PT, VT, UT, ET, PMI),

  • Testing of steel and plastic pipelines (RT, MT, PT, VT, UT),

  • Testing of castings (RT, MT, PT, VT, UT, ET, PMI, destructive testing),

  • Steel structures – steel and aluminium inspection (RT, MT, PT, VT, UT, PMI, destructive testing),

  • Vehicle component inspections (RT, MT, PT, VT, UT, ET),

  • Control plan preparation for huge industrial projects ( preparation of test plans and test procedures, providing expertise),

  • Inspection of objects of building industry (RT, VT, UT, providing expertise)

  • Inspections carried out in Hungary,

  • Inspections executed abroad.

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